The DVD of «Tutti Giù – Everybody Sometimes Falls» now available. You can purchase the DVD with bonus material, music and much more just by filling the form below or by sending an email at

On DVD you can watch the movie with the following subtitles track:
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Russian
- Czech
- Lithuanian
- Hungarian
- Mandarin
- Yue Chinese

The movie is also available with the German audio version.

in CH: CHF 25.- + 3.- shipping + TVA (= 30.25)
in EU: € 23.- + 5.- shipping (= 28.-)
non EU: € 23.- + 10.- shopping (= 33.-)

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- If you desire a invoice shipping address different from the DVD shipment, please enter the product shipping address in the comments below.
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- From 3 copies of the shipping is free of charge.

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You can purchase the DVD also at the following links:

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